What are my Nameservers?

If you are hosted on our servers, you need to point your domain name to our nameservers. Nameservers are also referred to as DNS (domain name servers).

NS1.QOXY.COM ( - Location: Singapore, Asia

NS2.QOXY.COM ( - Location: Dallas, USA

NS3.QOXY.COM ( - Location: California

To point your domain to these nameservers, you will need to login to your domain account. These instructions are for our domain accounts, but also work with any Godaddy or Wild West Domains account holders.

Once you are logged in, the first thing you will (probably) need to do is unlock your domain. Choose the domain name by clicking the checkbox next to it, and then click the "Set Locking" button. Choose the "Unlocked" option and then save your changes.

Then you will click on the "Set Nameservers" button. Choose the custom nameservers option and enter in the QOXY nameservers listed above. Save your changes. Before you log out, be sure to go back to "Set Locking" and lock your domain again. Locking your domain prevents changes to contacts and name servers.

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