How can you offer unmetered bandwidth? Çap et

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If you ordered a package with unmetered bandwidth, we do not place limits on your site's bandwidth (many hosts offer "unlimited" bandwidth but severely restrict the number of kbytes/second flowing out of your website). We work very hard to ensure that all of our customers bandwidth needs can be met, however we do have several important restrictions:

No warez (aka pirated/cracked software)
No file archives/download only sites
No illegal porn (adult sites are acceptable, if you ordered the add-on)*
No illegal allowed

Please see our TOS/AUP for a complete list on unacceptable content.
We are proud of both the speed of our servers and the low prices we offer our customers. However to continue offering the low prices that we do, we cannot accommodate users offering the above types of files (why? like-it-or-not, the above types of sites are popular and quickly consume lots of bandwidth!). If you begin offering any of the above on your site we reserve the right to:
first, throttle your bandwidth and second, ask you to leave (and by "ask", we mean "require").

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