Transferring your Domain from SingNet


If you want to transfer your domain name from SingNet to QOXY, you may initiate the transfer process by contacting the registrar to which you wish to transfer the name.


Please fill up all the required information in the SingNet DNS Server Change Request Form below and send it to SingNet via email (in the email body, not as an email attachment) at [email protected].

***************SingNet DNS Server Change Request Form***************
(* indicates compulsory fields)
*1. Domain Name :

2. Primary Name Server

*2a. Primary Server Hostname :

*2b. Primary Server IP Address :

3. Secondary Name Server(s)
(at least one secondary name server must be filled in)
(repeat the details in 3a and 3b as necessary)

*3a. Secondary Server Hostname :

*3b. Secondary Server IP Address:

4. Authorised Officer
(should be a registered domain contact for this domain name)

*4a. Name :

*4b. Email Address :

*4c. Telephone Number :

4d. Fax Number :

5. Special Instructions :

Signature : _______________________________ Date : _____________

Company Stamp :

***************SingNet DNS Server Change Request Form***************



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