Will my existing email accounts be transferred over as well? Print

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Will my email transfer?

If your previous hosting company uses cPanel and you are transferring to a QOXY account with cPanel*, then we can migrate your current email boxes and messages.

Otherwise, we will NOT be able to transfer any email accounts. In this case, we recommend you archive your old emails and create new mail boxes with the same names at your new host.

(*All our shared hosting, reseller hosting and Linux dedicated servers come with cPanel. VPS can choose cPanel or Plesk, and Windows uses Plesk.)


How can I archive my emails?

The fastest method is to setup a POP3 connection via Outlook or another mail client. As soon as you receive using POP3, every email received is permanently saved to your computer.


How & When should I setup my email at QOXY when transferring?

If your previous hosting company uses cPanel and your QOXY hosting account has cPanel, and we are migrating your website and email for you, then the accounts and email will be configured for you.

If your previous host does not use cPanel, then you will need to create the new email accounts in your new QOXY cPanel. It is recommended that you set up the new email accounts as soon as you can login to the  control panel.


Important Note: Be sure that all email accounts are created prior to changing nameservers or DNS; failure to do so may result in lost, "bounced", or unreceived emails.


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